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 Visage Oil and Visage Water complement Energy Beauty line for a complete facial skin care
 Tribulus Terrestris Forte - the third member of the line of single-herb concentrates
 MyGreenLife - Green Food from the purest sources on earth
 Cistus Incanus Forte - new addition to the line of single-herb concentrates
 Beauty Energy - new natural facial skin care
 Probiosan Inovum also in capsule version
 Annona Muricata Forte - the first of single-herb concentrates

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Welcome to Energy Group, a. s., Czech producer of natural herbal products and food supplements. All our products are based on the combination of the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine and the latest findings in the fields of plant therapy using mainly local plants, homeopathy, crystal therapy, bio-resonance, and psychotronics.

The current range of products represents a self-contained offer of preparations improving health and culture of a human life. It includes Pentagram of herbal concentrates and creams, products containing unique natural substances, toothpastes, cosmetics, and a number of other products complementing the effects of the aforementioned lines.