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Product recommendations for February

In February winter is still in full swing and brings typical wet, cold and windy weather. This may cause viral infections, respiratory problems or deterioration of rheumatic conditions. Cistus incanus is effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and acts as a natural disinfectant. It suitable for those often suffering from viral infections and colds, or their immunity is weakened for any other reason (bad eating habits, stress, increased work load, post-operative conditions, recovery). Vironal shall become a basic product for this month. In case of persistent respiratory problems you can add cream Droserin and apply it on your chest and back at night. Rheumatic pains and several other February conditions can be alleviated with Imunosan. Chanca Piedra infusions regulate excretion of uric acid; they have diuretic effect; stimulate production of bile thus improving digestion. Clinical studies showed that Chanca Piedra acts also as an antibacterial agent. You can make your Lunar New Year more pleasant with toothpastes. Whitening Diamond will help you to achieve shining teeth and Silix will strengthen tooth enamel. Balsamio with its anti-inflammatory effect will be suitable for those suffering from mouth ulcers, cold sores, and oral inflammations. It can help also in cases of bleeding gums and periodontitis.