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Product recommendations for April

In April you have to be ready for the vagaries of weather and you still may be affected by the spring fever. You cannot do much about the weather but you can fight off spring fever with several “tools”. From the point of view of the Chinese medicine Chlorella represents the support of life; a slow process that improves your vitality. The kick-in of Chlorella effect is very gradual. In a long-term horizon is its effect gentle and balanced and is lasting even after stopping using Chlorella. Barley with its vigour of spring crops invigorates you practically immediately. The effect of young barley is strong and fast but short-term. Very interesting supplement is Spirulina Barley. The effect of spirulina calms down and reduces raging and not always welcome effect of barley that speeds up the effect of spirulina. Acai supplies active energy in vigorous but gradual way; it gives you a feeling of strength and its immediate use. It is usable in the process of recovery and in the times of the excessive output of the energy (mentally and/or physically). Its importance is tied up with the element of Fire, or Three Burners, mainly with the lack of it, i.e. fatigue, psyche, nerves. Use of Maca spans from the replenishment of active energy in a common life of a healthy man up to fatigue syndrome and significant support in the treatment of serious diseases. Its most important task is adjustment of adaptability of the body – strengthening of immunity, improvement of the ability to cope with stress. We cannot forget Hawaii Spirulina. It quickly restores performance abilities of your body and regenerates it after heavy strain, even in cases of bad diet.
Protektin is a cream connected with spring. It can protects your vocal box in windy weather and it can provide some help in the cases of spring migraine.